Hot Tick Action

Monday 28 May

Slept well last night but still very hot.

It’s good to be covered over to prevent insects having a free meal but with the close weather and nocturnal temperatures in the mid teens it is uncomfortable.

Talking about insects, I have just removed a tick from my lower back. It was an interesting operation using a mirror propped on a boot and special tick removal tweezers from my first aid pack. All went well and Germolene has been applied.

Lulworth Cove
Heading into Lulworth

Walked past Durdle Door into Lulworth Cove this morning then followed the “diverted coast path” signs right up and around the village then down hundreds of awkward steps and ended up a few hundred yards round the cove.  I could have walked on the sand for 10 minutes and got to the same place.  Lesson learned- never blindly follow the signs – check map and ask locals.

Soon after that experience was one of the toughest climbs of the walk involving loads of steep steps again. While I was struggling up these steps a young man ran down them, then back up, then back down; this continued for the half hour or so it took me to climb the hill. It turns out that the chap is in training to represent England in the European hill running championships. Good luck to him.

This morning I met Sam and Steph, a couple of fellow wild campers. They were using a crude bivi, i.e., a tarp supported with two walking poles – ideal in these conditions but in fact it was so warm they chose to sleep beside the bivi rather that under it.

I met some other nice wild campers whilst having two cans of coke and an ice cream in Kimmeridge – they were recommending the Penbrokeshire coast path – I must try that one. Wild campers are all such lovely people.

Only did 13.8 miles today as the going was so tough and the weather was so hot.

Lets see what tomorrow brings

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