I Can Almost See My House From Here

Tuesday 29 May

Just after I got the tent packed away this morning it started raining quite hard. Maybe I’m getting old or just becoming a wimp but climbing those long steep  inclines when they are wet and slippery knackers me.

Part of the problem is fear; if I slip and break a leg or fall over the side …

Another part is frustration at having to go so slow; each foot has to be precisely placed. There is no room for error which makes progress very slow. This, along with the very hot wet weather which necessitates wearing full waterproofs from top to toe, soon turn the experience into a personal sweat sauna.

‘Get Gortex,’ I hear you shout – I have got Gortex kit but this weather overpowers it.

I had a slip on one of  the  steep sets of stone  steps and knocked my right elbow again but all seems okay now.

Walked into Worth Matravers this morning hoping to get some breakfast but the cafe and pub were both closed – never mind.

The weather improved after Worth and I enjoyed the walk to Swanage and beyond to Old Harry’s rocks where I am camped. I could see home from here if the visibility was a bit better.

Walked around  13 miles  today.

Total miles 295 miles so far

Around 16 miles to go.

Home tomorrow evening ???

5 thoughts on “I Can Almost See My House From Here

  1. Anonymous

    Well done Kinger!
    Yes all those steeps ups and downs are a killer.
    Now you are clean it is time for Kirtlington to get sweaty at Lamb Ale this weekend.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Nick,
      Cant make Kirtlington this year unfortunatly. Will try for next year.
      We will have a spare room soon – if you fancy some dorset walks or just a break let us know.


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