Graham King

Graham King, former owner and curator of The Museum of Witchcraft in Cornwall, is about to start his extraordinary journey from the toe to the top of the British Isles. Now in his sixties Graham is hoping to fulfill an ambition he has had for around 50 years.

map of Britain with route marked in red
The planned route

The walk will start at Lands End near his home in the South West of England and will end at John O’Groats in the North of Scotland. Graham hopes to wild camp in his tiny, light weight tent for most nights on his adventure but will use B&Bs occasionally if the weather is bad or if he is in desperate need of a shower.

Graham has just published his first book The British Book of Spells and Charms (Troy Books) and will be working on his second book, based on the sacredness of the landscapes he discovers, on his walk to John O’Groats.

It is expected he will take about 3 months to walk the 120IMG_00220 miles of footpaths.

12 thoughts on “Graham King

  1. Théo

    Best of luck for the last 300 miles Graham, I am very happy I have had the chance to meet you and to finish the WHW with you, you are a true inspiration.
    PS: Turns out I did not write your email address, so I’ll keep the photo for now


  2. Chris Arscott

    The Very Best of luck to you Graham
    have a wonderful journey and we will try and catch you on the wye valley walk close to us.


  3. Aileen and Wayne

    How wonderful that your dream of 50 years has come true. Good luck Graham and enjoy the journey. We look forward to following your adventures, photos and thoughts. Wayne and Aileen (Australia)

    Liked by 1 person

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