A Stroll by the Teign

Walking alongside the river Teign this afternoon in the mizzle, I remembered setting up a wild camp site with Anthony on this spot. We asked a local it would be OK to camp there and he told us that the owner of the field was abroad but that she would say yes if she were here – that was good enough for us! It was after we’d set up that we noticed the strange sculpture installed on the island -like a large stone boulder that had been split in two to reveal a brain like inner.

egg-like sculpture on island in middle of river
Art Installation by Peter Randall-Page

There are several of these ‘egg’ stones in the area; they are the work of local sculptor Peter Randall-Page. I also remembered the long climb up to the pub in Drewsteignton where I’m staying in their walker’s bunkhouse. They also do ‘posh’ B&B rooms but I’m happier in a bunkhouse, especially as I’m probably rather smelly : I am sure Kerriann who edits this will confirm this. (He’s not that bad really KG)

I’ve not covered much distance in the last couple of days but have had a couple of lovely long lunch breaks with Kerriann and Hugo. Kerriann did bring the correct maps the second time so I’m planning ahead over a pint tonight.

This is a proper pub, good real ales, good service, no bull shit, interesting customers and a bunk house for £15 – what more could you want?  The Drew Arms in Drewsteignton.


A Sunday Song Line

mary michael pilgrim route waymark
On the right path

It was nice to walk some of the Two Moors Way today – familiar stretches of paths and fond memories.  I trekked this route with my friend Anthony last summer and it is one of my favourite walks. We did have some rainy nights but the weather was generally much better than it is now.

It rained last night so I have had to pack away a wet tent so I am looking to find a hostel for tonight. Currently I am in The Chagford Inn in Chagford, waiting for Kerriann who is delivering the maps that she forgot yesterday!

Last night, camped besides the beautiful Shirley pool, I again noticed the ‘human’ voices in the sound of the running water – words, calls and songs. Australian aboriginals talk of the ‘Song Lines’ they follow when they are on walkabout. Maybe one can literally hear the earth singing in special places like Shirley Pool?

thorn tree by a cottage
Grown from the Glastonbury Thorn

The thorn tree above was grown from a cutting of the Glastonbury thorn . It’s in the lovely church yard of St Mary’s in Throwleigh.

Oops Where Are My Maps?

It was lovely to see Kerriann and Hugo at lunchtime. They came to top up my supplies of maps and clean clothing – the only problem was that Kerriann forgot the batch of maps that I will need in the next day or so. Never mind. She will meet me tomorrow instead.

stone row on Dartmoor
stone row on Dartmoor


spooky stone row on Dartmoor
spooky stone row


stone row on Dartmoor
spirit of the stones


tent by Shirley Pool
Shirley Pool camping

I can now say for the first time that I feel as if I am walking away from home. Until the last day or so I have been getting closer to Boscastle – now the distances from home are growing by the day.


dog on track looking back
Hugo wants to go too

I am not sure that camping here tonight was a good idea. Apparently it will rain tonight. I am in a gorgeous spot called Shirley Pool on Dartmoor and my tent is lovely and dry after a night in the drying rood at Okehampton YHA where I stayed last night.

Lets see what the night brings…..

Setting Off

As the weather was sunny yet cool yesterday, Graham decided to head off on his 1200 mile walk to John O’Groats a little early. Hugo, our chorkie, was not impressed and wanted to join him but Graham went off alone on his great adventure.

At 1608 hrs he strode off into the distance to spend the night at Carn Les Boel near the start of the Michael  Line.

Below is the route he’ll be following:

Lands End
– Mary/Michael Pilgrimage path
– Grand Western Canal path
– Summits of Somerset Way
– Summits of Somerset Way
– Wye Valley Walk
– Wye Valley Walk
– Wye Valley Walk
Hay on Wye
– Offa’s Dyke
– Offa’s Dyke
– Offa’s Dyke
– Dee way
– Shropshire Union canal
– North Cheshire Way
– Cheshire ring canal walk
– some road walking
Salford Way
– Thirlmere way
– Thirlmere way

Ambleside – Thirlmere way

– Cumbria Way
– Hadrians wall
St Winifreds way
– Edinburgh Glasgow canal
– Kelvin Walkway
– West Highland Way
Fort William
– Great Glen Way
– John O’Groats trail

John O’Groats !!!!