Pom Pom Man

If you’re planning on losing weight I suggest you walk from Land’s End to John O’Groats. it much a much slimmer Graham who welcomed me in Chirk on the weekend.

pompom man
Pom Pom Man

His head is like a pom pom on a stick!

lost about 2 inches from his waist

It was great to see him and catch up on the details of his walk. He looks very healthy despite a bit of foot unpleasantness and he’s meeting up with a few lovely people along the way.

Chirk aqueduct_1
Chirk Aqueduct

He’s heading up to Chester today and the weather is looking terrible for the next week. I think he’ll be searching out bunkhouses and hostels over the next few days.





Dee River Scrambling

It was lovely to have a day off with Kerriann yesterday and my body feels better for it too.
Both of my feet still ache a little but that is to be expected I suppose. My right foot has a swelling on the back of the heal that I am keeping an eye on.
Today was meant to be an easy walking day, and it was – apart from an incident this morning; the path disappeared. The track I was on had obviously not been used much and as I progressed it got more and more overgrown. I found myself scrambling over fallen trees and getting hooked up in brambles. I checked on the GPS and I was bang on my red line (my chosen path). Eventually I had to climb a near vertical cliff-face for some 50 feet or so. Not an easy task with a heavy pack on my back.

I think I must have made a mistake when I linked all the paths together to form my final route, either that or the foot path simply hasn’t been walked for 10 years and has returned to nature. It will be interesting to compare the proposed route with my actual route when I extract the data from the GPS and send it to Malcolm the Mapmaster.

The rest of the walk was rather lovely; the river Dee is much larger than I had expected. The path I followed wound its way around the banks, past weirs, mills, and country hamlets. I passed one pub where a customer popped in for lunch in his helicopter. The next one, where I stopped, had a car-park full of posh 4x4s and sports cars. I had two pints of shandy there which cost a fortune, but it was good to sit down and sort out my maps.

The footpaths are strangely quiet, I only met one walker all day; very different to Offa’s Dyke. The chap I did meet, Andy, says that one day he will do what I am doing – well good luck to you Andy and I hope you get as much from it as I am.

As I am getting further from home I am having to carry more maps as Kerriann cannot get up to top up my supplies so often. So I now have 8 OS maps in my rucksack – I should be able to post a couple home by tomorrow evening.

I am camped in the corner of a field near the river, a rather pretty location but am battening down the hatches as rain is forecast.