A Soggy Start

The builders arrived at 8 am and caught me pouring whisky. ‘You start early,’ they said. I was actually topping up my hip flask to tuck away in my backpack for emergencies.
Two years ago, in preparation for my LEJoG walk, I walked from Lands End to Coverack on the Lizard peninsular with my friend Anthony. We would have walked further but the unrelenting rain made the paths slippery and dangerous. More importantly the walk stopped being fun so we gave up after a night in the old lookout tower.
Now I am returning to try and finish the walk and continue on to my home in Southbourne Dorset.

All roads lead to Santiago de Compostela

Wednesday 9th May 2012
I set out yesterday at about 2 o’clock in reasonable weather but expected the odd shower. By 4 o’clock the rain set in and it rained continuously for 4 hours. The path had been blocked by cliff falls in several locations and the diversions were long – in one case 2.5 miles.
I arrived in the Shipwrights arms in Helford, wet and bedraggled, at about 8.30 at night. Luckily Kerriann, Anthony, Donna and Malcolm, who I had arranged to meet, were still there and bought me a pint. On the advice of the locals I set my tent up in the dark on some reasonably flat grass next to the car park. The team helped and I was soon tucked up for my first night in a tent for two years.

Ten and a half miles covered so far.
10th May
Woke up early as the sun hit my tent – what a lovely view! Overlooking Helford and the estuary – fantastic! Anthony and his dog Bowjey joined me for most of today’s walk and what a pleasure it was. The sun shone and there were no more diversions. The Lizard is stunningly beautiful, if a little more genteel, than the rugged north coast that I was used to when I lived in Cornwall. We covered the 10 miles to Falmouth in around 7 hours. We got some funny looks when Donna (Anthony’s wife who had come to collect him) came running up to me with a suspicious bag of white powder. It turned out to be the milk powder for my tea that I had forgotten to put in my rucksack!
Anthony and Donna left me at the ferry terminal where I caught the next boat to St Mawes and then another to Place. I walked a couple more miles and have pitched my tent on the cliff top near St Antony light house .

I’m now 25miles along my route.

Anthony took some great photos which I will add later.