And So It Begins

Walking on the cliffs above Boscastle and thinking about my up and coming walk I was distracted by the repetitive cackling of a seagull. It sounded like the demented laugh of an old hag. I can understand her laughing at my stupid quest, I am not fit enough for this, I am overweight and have not done any real training other than extending my dog walks a little.

My knees ache and click when I bend them and my back lets me know when I bend over to lift anything. The last long walk I did was across Spain some 12 years ago;  I was younger and fitter then.  But I have popped some anti inflammatory pills in my ruck sack – lets hope that modern medicine can drive away the aches and pains that seem to have visited me in the last few years.

Maybe the gull was not laughing but applauding?

walking the Two Moors Way - 2015
Walking the Two Moors Way in 2015

6 thoughts on “And So It Begins

  1. Philippa

    You are have got so far – it doesn’t seem long ago since you said you may set off earlier than planned because of a favourable weather forecast.
    Now you are over half way to this destination, with Hadrian’s Wall beckoning. . Good stuff.
    Am really enjoying reading your blog and vicariously travelling the country.
    You are making me pine to have an adventure myself! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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