Dornoch – The Place of the Witch

Just walked 8 miles today so that Kerriann could take the motorhome to Embo and walk back to meet me at Dornoch for lunch.Part of the walk was alongside the main A9 to cross the Dornoch Firth – as expected this was not fun with vehicles whizzing past. After the bridge, however, my route took me on a lovely lane that ran parallel with the coast for the remaining few miles.

Sadly Dornoch is famed for being the site of the last execution (by tarring, placing in a barrel and burning alive) of an alleged witch in 1722 or 1727 (the date on the stone is apparently wrong). 

It’s nice to have a Tilley Hat again – Kerriann brought me up my replacement for the one I lost at the start of my walk. Yesterday it was especially useful in keeping the rain off my glasses and today it kept the sun out.

Info board on Janet Horne
Witch stone – place of Janet’s execution


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